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14 July 2012 @ 11:05 pm
Home in Motion: A Supernatural Dean/Cas Fanfic Ch. 9  
Title: Home in Motion
Story Summary: Castiel swore he was done with spur of the moment decisions that permanently changed dean Winchester's life. A year after the angel's most disastrous, his newest may present the largest challenge of dean's life: Fatherhood.
Pairing: Dean/Cas eventually.
Chapter: 9 It Gets Better
Chapter Summary: There has been a little misunderstanding.
Warnings: Spoilers through the end of season 6 and potential spoilers for events in 7, though for the sake of the story's flow, season 7 didn't happen the way it did in the show. (I just may need to borrow beasties.) Though this story involves fatherhood, this is not an mpreg fic.

Previous Entries

Chapter 9
It Gets Better

"Not all things are black nor all things white. It is a fundamental taxonomy that nature rarely deals with discrete categories. Only the human mind invents categories and tries to force facts into separated pigeon-holes."
Alfred Kinsey, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male

Sam had begun his search for Emma Wennerstrand at her store on Main Street, but found an "Out to Lunch" sign in the window. He had tried knocking anyway, just to be certain, only to be directed by one of the passersby--it was a small town, the kind where everyone knew everyone--that Emma had gone to the Italian restaurant across the street with a gay couple they didn't know. Apparently it was "just like Emma to find even stray gays in this town."

Sam had followed that lead and had entered the restaurant to be greeted by, and visually appreciated by, a teenager in a gold-yellow shirt. "Wow. They make them big where you come from," the kid blurted out before he could turn a shade of pink and bite his bottom lip out of embarrassment.

"So I've been told," Sam said with a small and slightly awkward smile. "Would you know if Emma Wennerstrand is here?"

"She's sitting near the corner with the two men and the baby," the teen said. At that, Sam tried not to break out into a broad grin. He suspected just who he would find at that table. After all, hadn't they said their new friend was named Emma? Oh, this was too good. "Do you need me to get her?"

"No," Sam said as he peered over the tables to see his brother talking shoveling pasta into his mouth. "That's my brother and nephew with her." That word was going to take some getting used to, but it had come out far more naturally than he'd expected. He left the host at the door and tried very hard to keep his smug grin off his face. Once again, Dean was thought to be gay, and thank God, this time, Sam wasn't assumed to be his partner. This just proved that the reason people assumed the brothers were gay had nothing to do with Sam.

He always said Dean seemed butch.

As Sam approached the table, he finally got a look at the mysterious Emma, and she was certainly as attractive as Dean had described her. "Hello, Dean, Cas." He saw the baby immediately turn toward his voice and what might have been a smug grin on the new uncle's face turned into just a pleased one. "Hello there, Johnny boy." He thought about giving the boy's cheek a light pat, but considering the odd substance sticking to it, he thought better of it.

Dean frowned at him, apparently assuming that Sam was going to snake this girl away from him, and he wasn't that far off. That was exactly what Sam intended to do. Dean just didn't know he had never had a chance with her. If there was anyone at that table she was interested in, it was Cas, and she was too busy looking at Sam's brother and the angel like they were more adorable than puppies.

She totally thought they were gay.

"Hi Sammy," Dean said. He was resorting to the old name because he was threatened and liked to make Sam seem like a kid whenever he got like this. "Emma, this is my little brother. Sammy, this is Emma."

"Emma Wennerstrand?" Sam asked. "I have been looking for you. I was hoping to talk to you about the Pomeranian you got from the shelter." Sam could see both Dean and Cas's eyes widening with the realization of what this could mean.

"You think something might be wrong with Leia?" she asked. "The same sort of thing that happened with Mr. Walker and Mrs. Butler?" Sam was impressed. She had taken nearly no time--definitely less than Dean did sometimes--to put two and two together.

"Your dog is named Leia?" Dean asked.

"I like Star Wars," she replied back, almost immediately on the defensive.

"That wasn't a criticism," Sam's brother said. It definitely wasn't. Sam liked Star Wars well enough, but Dean had seen the original three movies more times than Sam could count. He'd seen the gold bikini part at least quadruple that. Close quarters in a hotel room had told Sam that his brother had used it as a wank material for a large chunk of his puberty. He suspected that continued even after the voice changes and hair growth were long since over.

"My mom has her," she answered, looking deadly serious at that and shifting closer to Cas.

Cas was immediately sliding out of the booth to allow her to leave. "Will you be needing any assistance?"

"I'm going to call Bobby," Sam said. "You two finish your lunch and keep an eye on Johnny." He gave Dean a pat on the shoulder. "For now, it's CDC business."

Sam smirked as his brother gave him a glare when they moved from the table. If only Dean knew that he had already been neatly tucked away into the friend zone. It should have been obvious, though, just by the looks the blonde was giving both men at the table. Still, Dean was oblivious, and it didn't seem to matter to Cas at all.

Sam led Emma to the front entrance. "Where is Leia now?" he asked.

"With my mom," the blonde said. "She had the day off, so she's helping her get acclimated to the apartment." Deep brown eyes showed worry for her mother's sake, and Sam was quick to place a hand on her shoulder to calm her.

"Right now, we don't know if there is anything wrong with Leia yet. What I need for you to do is call your mom. Do you have a crate?" Emma nodded her head. "And has she been in it before without any problems?"

"I had to put her in for an hour or so last night while I went to the grocery store. She is a very docile thing."

"Just call your mom and ask her to put her in the crate and leave for a little while. Tell her that you want to get her accustomed being alone gradually. We don't want to upset your mother unnecessarily. Especially if we find out, and I'm sure we will, that Leia is fine."

She nodded. "So... you and your brother are in town the same time, but you happen to be on a case?" A thin blond eyebrow raised suspiciously. Oh, this one was bright and any weak lies would be spotted in an instant.

"Dean's FBI. He's here for the same reason. Possibility of this all originating from some illegally traded animals used for a dog fighting ring Dean caught last month. Cas came with because this was supposed to be their vacation with Johnny until Dean got called out."

"They take him out on cases?" Emma asked, looking somewhere between shocked and doubtful.

"Cas is FBI, too. Tax division, if that wasn't obvious," Sam said with a fond grin in the direction of the angel awkwardly stabbing his pasta. Oh, he was most certainly playing along with the whole gay Dean and Cas thing, and that made Cas his brother in law of sorts. In a perfect world, he'd hope he'd like the person his brother was in a committed relationship with, if Dean could ever manage it. He considered Cas a friend anyway, so speaking about the man as though he was fond of him wasn't a stretch. "But he can handle himself, and he's smart enough to keep Johnny out of danger. As far as I know, Dean's just here as a precaution."

"And they still made him cancel his vacation?"

"I don't know how well you know my brother," Sam said, grinning and offering Dean a wave which was not so discreetly returned with a middle finger, "but he can rub people the wrong way. His supervisor specifically."

"He seems very sweet with Johnny, though. And with Cas."

"What can I say, they have a profound bond." Sam paused only momentarily at why that particular turn of phrase came to mind when he thought of his brother and the angel. He could have sworn he'd heard it somewhere before.


Dean fumed as he watched his brother completely sneak Emma out from under him. While a small part of him was impressed that his brother had apparently picked up a few tricks from the master--Dean, himself--he was irritated it was to his own loss. He speared a piece of Italian sausage and ate it slowly and deliberately.

"You are upset," Cas said with his head tilted toward the right. "I don't think Emma would have left if it were not for the concern about her dog."

"I'm not irritated with Emma," Dean said as he continued to chew his food. "I'm pissed at Big Bird. He totally snaked her. And he's going to get to play the romantic hero and save her from her evil dog, if her dog's evil... That was supposed to be my job." He hated that his voice came out with just a bit of a whine at the end.

"How was that your job? We didn't know about her dog until Sam arrived."

"It's the principle," Dean snapped back. When Johnny let out a small whimper, he regretted his temper immediately. He looked up and saw the slightest bit of fear in those big green eyes. God, he never wanted to cause that. His surly demeanor quickly softened and he smiled at him. "I'm sorry, Kiddo." The child didn't seem any more at ease. He shifted over in the booth and leaned over to press a kiss to one of the few clean spots on the baby's forehead. The boy seemed completely startled at the move. One more thing it appeared he hadn't experienced before. Dean so wanted to kill Johnny's mother.

Johnny stared, but didn't cry, so Dean repeated the action. Johnny would know the kind of affection that the boy had been deprived of and that Dean had never felt he received enough of from his own father. If the hunter was really going to embrace the whole idea of being a dad, he was going to do this right. And if he couldn't do it, or if he saw he was causing his son--that word still hadn't sunk in entirely--more looks of fear like he had just witnessed, someone better would do it instead, regardless of whether the manipulative angel thought he should be Johnny's father. He wouldn't half-ass this.

A shy smile spread across the baby's face, and Dean knew that all was forgiven.

Emma approached the table one last time. "I need to get back to my apartment," she told the them, "but I've had a really great time. I hope you get everything wrapped up and you can finally get that well-deserved vacation."

"Any chance we'll be seeing you again?" Dean asked, still hopeful he had a shot with the pretty woman.

"Give me a call, and maybe we I can round up my copy of The Princess Bride." She bit at the lower of her rose pink lips. "That is if you aren't angry at me for this. You see, I had a little bit of a secondary motive for bringing the two of you here. And I know this is going to sound a little cliche and all, but... do you think you could talk to Trevor?"

It took Dean a moment to remember that Trevor was the name of the host wearing the mustardy-colored shirt. "About what?"

"It's just, he is having an awful time of things, from his parents to his school, and I have never seen him so depressed. This isn't exactly an open-minded area, so he doesn't really know any down-to-earth gay men. Certainly none solid enough to raise a child together."

Dean was positive that his brain had just stopped. Once again, someone had thought he was gay, and he couldn't blame it on Samantha, who was giving him a shitty ass grin as he stood by the doors, waiting on Emma. He'd have blamed his giant of a brother for making the woman think they were gay except she'd said she brought them to the restaurant in hopes they would have a talk with Trevor. Sam hadn't even met her until a few minutes ago.

He should have been dismayed or even riled by the assumption, he knew, but he couldn't manage it. After all, Emma had met him and Cas buying baby products for Johnny together, and obviously they were both really attached to the kid. Then there was the whole personal space invasion and staring thing that Cas did whenever they were together. It made sense that an outside observer who didn't know better might assume they were together.

Politeness would be necessary when he told her that she was wrong, that they weren't a couple, and he was about to do just that. Then he got a good look at the kid, the one Emma wanted them to help. The kid did look like shit, had the look Sammy'd had when he'd been in high school, it was a lousy look that at best made a kid run away first chance he got. Made him do worse if he couldn't get away.

For all that Sam liked to pretend that Dean didn't like kids, the fact was that he had a soft spot for them. Always had. Even if they were teenaged hipsters with a possible emo streak. Honestly, reminded him a little of Sam in those ways, too, because he didn't doubt his brother'd had the potential for the hipster-emo crowd, but that hadn't quite been the trend of the day while they were in high school and certainly not one that John Winchester would have tolerated.

The elder brother wanted to sigh. If the fact that this was a kid who was being bullied wasn't enough, he'd manage to mentally connect Trevor to his greatest weakness: Sam. Dean knew he couldn't freak out now and maybe make this kid feel worse about himself. Dean now felt too invested to let that happen. Son of a bitch.

"Don't know how much help we'll be, but yeah, sure."

Emma beamed at him, then gave him a quick kiss to the cheek. Dean was tempted to give his brother a self-satisfied smirk, but while it wasn't 100 percent certain, he knew that Sam knew what Emma thought she knew. (And if that wasn't one complicated line of thought, Dean didn't know what was.) It was pointless to be smug about this when he was prepared to pretend to be in a committed gay relationship for the sake of some kid he didn't know and a pretty blond who was far too skilled at batting her eyelashes at him.

Cas looked more than a little surprised as the woman gave him a quick peck on the cheek. His hand immediately slipped up to his cheekbone where her lips had been just moments before. He wore one of his little half-smiles, which Dean had come to know meant he was pleased. The angel had enough sense to wait until she had walked away to ask, "She wishes for us to be happy?"

"She thinks we are a couple," Dean said slowly. "Gay means homosexual. Liking the same gender."

The head tilted in that familiar, baby-birdlike way and Dean could tell that Cas was thinking long and hard about something. "So if she was flirting with anyone when we were shopping, it was me. Once you arrived, she would have assumed we were a couple." The hunter glared at his friend as the angel licked the tip of his index finger and marked an invisible tally in the air. "I believe this is what Sam said to do when one triumphs over another."

Dean's glare did not lessen, but Cas was thankfully not as bad as either of the Winchesters when it came to rubbing it in. The angel quickly recovered. "How do we go about acting like we are a couple?"

"Apparently, behaving like normal," the hunter said bitterly. At what point did their odd little "profound bond" become something that could be misinterpreted as a relationship? "Anything more than that, just follow my lead."

Cas nodded before asking Dean for the diaper bag. "I don't imagine this cereal will be easy to remove if I allow it to dry," he explained The hunter handed over the back pack and started to slide out of the booth. He noted one of the waiters approaching with the tiramisu as he moved toward the front of the restaurant.

"Trevor, is it?" Dean asked because he was still afraid he would mess up the kid's name. He got a nod from the teen. "Do you think you could take a quick break?"

One of the red shirts, a woman, approached and gave Trevor a pat on the back. "Go ahead. I'll cover for the next couple of minutes."

Cas had apparently finished cleaning the baby's face and was now eying the tiramisu warily, poking it with his fork. Johnny was busy playing with an oversized set of plastic keys, and hardly noticed as Dean and the teenager approached the table. The hunter slid toward the wall to give Trevor enough room to sit. "So... Emma apparently had an ulterior motive in bringing us here. She said you've been having a rough time of school, and thought that we..." He gestured between himself and Cas. "...could help give you one of those 'it gets better' speeches or something."

The teen gave a soft "Oh" before Dean continued on.

"But I don't know how much we can really help, not when it comes to surviving high school. You know that asshole that dates all of your female friends, all the nice girls in school, and treats them like crap?" Trevor gave a knowing nod and rolled his eyes. Oh yeah, he knew that guy; everyone knew him. "That was me in high school. I was that dick. And him?" He tilted a thumb toward Cas, who was still poking the damned dessert. "He was homeschooled. ... Would you just eat the thing already?"

Blue eyes met his as Cas apparently realized the final instruction was for him. He speared the tiramisu and gingerly took a bite. He made an appreciative face. "I believe I have found a food I like. It is... odd."

Trevor looked at the angel curiously, and Dean was quick to cover. "He lived a very sheltered life. His dad homeschooled him, filled him full of Bible verses... He had never even had a bacon cheeseburger until about three years ago. Totally deprived."

"Bible verses?" Trevor asked, seeming to pick up on something familiar to his own troubles. "So your father was very religious? He probably wasn't very happy to find out you were gay."

Cas stopped his thoughtful chewing and swallowed. "My father does not care if love comes in the form of a man or a woman. 'And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.' Of course, that is one of many translations, but that is my favorite." He gave that contented smile he got when talking about heaven or his father--back before all of the doubts began to creep in--and took another bite of the dessert.

"When it comes to us, we can't really relate to high school experiences. But we know shit. I've been through, well, some hell, and it was Cas that pulled me through it. I didn't think there would be any end, and there were times I just wanted things to end before he came along. God help me, I'm grateful he did." Dean was startled by the look of surprise in the angel's eyes at that. It was perhaps one of the few times Dean had spoken aloud his gratitude for Castiel pulling him out of Hell.

"With nearly everything in life, there's always an end to it, you know? You can go to college, you can get a job away from here, move somewhere where you don't have to wait for two strangers to come to town to see a normal relationship." He glanced up to see the angel was practically devouring the dessert they were to share. "Just be sure you keep in touch with someone back here so people don't worry." Just a regular phone call from Sam would probably have helped Dean during the time his brother was at Stanford. "Been on the other end of that, and it isn't fun.

"Look, what it boils down to..." Dean snagged a piece of the tiramisu, because Cas was making quick work of the dessert. "Friend of mine once said you can get through anything for a few months." Trevor gave Dean an odd look as the hunter spoke around the mouthful of dessert. "I didn't say it would be a great pep-talk or anything. I just promised Emma I'd at least talk to you."

"But the two of you," Trevor said, "you two are happy?"

It wasn't Dean who spoke this time, but Cas. "Very happy." The angel looked it, too.